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Nordic Walking Step by Step by David Downer was the first Nordic Walking book to be written in the English language and after 10 years in publication it is now available to DOWNLOAD HERE FREE.

Published in 2006 the evergreen information in Nordic Walking Step by Step is just as relevant in 2016, as it was when originally published.

Nordic Walking Step by Step is a best seller, having sold in over 60 countries across the world. It is written in a comfortable, uncomplicated, easy-to-read style for both beginners & the more experienced Nordic Walker. You won’t get lost in technicalities in this book.

Congratulations on your book! It is so great to have a Nordic Walking resource written in English. You did a great job delivering simple, direct and concise information.”

Maree Farnsworth, Director & Training Manager – Pole Attraction (now Nordic Academy), Nordic Walking Master Trainer, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia.



DOWNLOAD NORDIC WALKING STEP BY STEP HERE – 5 Star Rating For Nordic Walking Step by Step


Nordic Walking Step by Step has received a 5 Star Rating from Walking Guide Wendy Bumgardner. Wendy says:

“This book has the best instruction I have seen for how to do Nordic Walking”


Nordic Walking Step by Step is a “must have” book for anyone interested in the exciting health activity of Nordic Walking (fitness walking with a pair of specially designed walking poles). There is something in this book for everyone: From complete beginner through intermediate and advanced level Nordic Walkers and Instructors too.

“This is truly an inspiring compilation of mostly everything one should or could know about Nordic Walking.”

Blitz Murphy, Harrison, Idaho, USA.




Nordic Walking Step by Step has received praise from respected industry leaders such as Tom Rutlin, CEO, Exerstrider (often cited as the Father of the Nordic Walking movement); Marko Kantaneva (who introduced the Original Nordic Walking concept in Finland in the early 1990s); Bernd Zimmerman, President, American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA). These industry pioneers all feature in Nordic Walking Step by Step.

It’s a fabulous read; clear, succinct and engaging, I read ‘The 10 Steps’, went outside with my new poles and was Nordic Walking perfectly within 20 minutes. I am able to get my heart rate up to 130 – 140 BPM versus 125 – 130 BPM when I used to run. Again, the book is terrific!”

Howard Book, M.D. Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Nordic Walking Step by Step Includes

  • The benefits of Nordic Walking
  • The origins & history of Nordic Walking
  • General safety and personal safety
  • Clothing & footwear
  • All about poles: 8 pages of detailed discussion that every Nordic Walker should read
  • David’s 10 Step ‘Health Level’ Nordic Walking Program (from beginner to competent Nordic Walker in 10 simple steps)
  • Fitness & Sports (Advanced) level exercises
  • Pole based physical therapy
  • Nordic Walking for dog lovers
  • Nordic Winter Walking & Nordic Snow Shoeing
  • Nordic Walking & Cross Country Skiing
  • Monitoring your progress
  • 12 week training log
  • Common faults and how to correct them
  • Frequently asked questions


“I am very much impressed with your book and grateful to have it. As someone just considering actively pursuing Nordic Walking, the timing of you book and its content could not have been better. It is clearly written, well illustrated and has all the information I was seeking.”

Bill VanGorder, President & CEO, Lung Association of Nova Scotia, Canada.



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Nordic Walking Step by Step is published in full colour A4 size as a downloadable ebook.

Nordic Walking Step by Step contains over 40 photos helping you to fully appreciate the art of Nordic Walking.

“Thanks for such a great book. Very easy to read, good to understand and very logical explanations. I just love reading it. I haven’t found anything I would change, honestly.”

Steffi Muella, ANWA Level 2 Instructor, Tauranga, New Zealand
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Important Note:

As already stated the information in Nordic Walking Step by Step is “Evergreen”. That is, it is mostly as relevant today as when it was written in 2006. However the book has not been updated since it was first published and so you will find that some of the resources that are linked to from the book no longer exist. For this reason I have now made Nordic Walking Step by Step available as a FREE download to everyone.

Product Specifications:

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Author: David Downer
Format: eBook: 128 pages
Publisher: David Downer (September 2006)
Price: Previously retailed at USD $14.95 (now available as a FREE download)